FEC Round Air Coil  
  • Inductance range from 90.0nH to 538.0nH
  • Current (max): 3.5A
  • SRF (min) range from 0.49GHz to 1.14GHz
  • DCR (max) range from 15.0mΩ to 90.0mΩ

Frontier's 294A series of SMD Air Coils, also known as Air Core Inductors have exceptionally high Q and SRF ratings for use in high frequency circuits. Our SMD air coils come tape and reeled and facilitate placement by pick and place machines.

custom air coil Frontier Electronics offers air coils built to customers' specifications. You can use our Custom Air Coil Quote Request or send an email with your drawing(s) attached to Email:   frontiersales@frontierusa.com
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S Param

Turns Ind. (nH) Test Freq (MHz)

Tolerance Q (min) DCR (mΩ) SRF (GHz) Current (A) RoHS

294A-09GQuoteS Param990502%95151.143.5YES
294A-09JQuoteS Param990505%95151.143.5YES
294A-10GQuoteS Param10111502%87151.023.5YES
294A-10JQuoteS Param10111505%87151.023.5YES
294A-11GQuoteS Param11130502%87200.93YES
294A-11JQuoteS Param11130505%87200.93YES
294A-12GQuoteS Param12169502%95250.8753YES
294A-12JQuoteS Param12169505%95250.8753YES
294A-13GQuoteS Param13206502%95300.83YES
294A-13JQuoteS Param13206505%95300.83YES
294A-14GQuoteS Param14222502%92350.733YES
294A-14JQuoteS Param14222505%92350.733YES
294A-15GQuoteS Param15246502%95350.6853YES
294A-15JQuoteS Param15246505%95350.6853YES
294A-16GQuoteS Param16307502%95350.663YES
294A-16JQuoteS Param16307505%95350.663YES
294A-17GQuoteS Param17380502%95500.592.5YES
294A-17JQuoteS Param17380505%95500.592.5YES
294A-18GQuoteS Param18422502%95600.542.5YES
294A-18JQuoteS Param18422505%95600.542.5YES
294A-19GQuoteS Param19491502%95650.5352YES
294A-19JQuoteS Param19491505%95650.5352YES
294A-20GQuoteS Param20538502%87900.492YES
294A-20JQuoteS Param20538505%87900.492YES