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RoHS Compliant   \\ SMD Air Wound Coils

Air Wound Coils, 1.65nH ~ 12.55nH
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  S Param

Turns Ind. (nH) Test Freq (MHz)

Tolerance Q (min) DCR (mΩ) SRF (GHz) Current (A) RoHS

292AR-02AKQuoteS Param21.6580010%1004101.6YES
292AR-02AJQuoteS Param21.658005%1004101.6YES
292AR-03AGQuoteS Param32.558002%10058.21.6YES
292AR-03AJQuoteS Param32.558005%10058.21.6YES
292AR-04AGQuoteS Param43.858002%10067.51.6YES
292AR-04AJQuoteS Param43.858005%10067.51.6YES
292AR-05AGQuoteS Param55.458002%100871.6YES
292AR-05AJQuoteS Param55.458005%100871.6YES
292BR-06AGQuoteS Param65.68002%10096.51.6YES
292BR-06AJQuoteS Param65.68005%10096.51.6YES
292BR-07AGQuoteS Param77.158002%1001061.6YES
292BR-07AJQuoteS Param77.158005%1001061.6YES
292BR-08AGQuoteS Param88.88002%1001261.6YES
292BR-08AJQuoteS Param88.88005%1001261.6YES
292BR-09AGQuoteS Param99.858002%100135.21.6YES
292BR-09AJQuoteS Param99.858005%100135.21.6YES
292BR-10AGQuoteS Param1012.558002%100144.61.6YES
292BR-10AJQuoteS Param1012.558005%100144.61.6YES