The suffix "-LFR" was used in the past to denote RoHS compliance.
We no longer use this suffix as all standard parts are RoHS compliant.

The components listed below have been obsoleted and are no longer supported.


DescriptionRecommended Replacement
0201TF SeriesThin Film Inductors (SMD)Multi-Layer Chip Inductors
0402TF SeriesThin Film Inductors (SMD)Multi-Layer Chip Inductors
0603TF SeriesThin Film Inductors (SMD)Multi-Layer Chip Inductors
CMF SeriesThin Film Common Mode Chokes (SMD)Wire Wound Common Mode Filters
18401H SeriesRadial Lead Inductors18401 Series
18402H SeriesRadial Lead Inductors18402 Series
18403H SeriesRadial Lead Inductors18403 Series
3361IH SeriesToroid RF Signal Chokes3361I Series
1812F SeriesWire Wound Ferrite Chip Inductors, 1812 case size-
1210F SeroesWire Wound Ferrite Chip Inductors, 1210 case size-
CSS-F SeriesPower Inductors (SMD)CSS-P Series
BIH2012OB SeriesSMD Balun TransformerSBT101
FL321611 SeriesMulti-Layer Chip Inductors-


DescriptionRecommended Replacement
FV5M-05 TH High Voltage Fast Recovery DiodeFV5M-04 or FV5M-06
P6SMBJ Series600 waat Transient Voltage Supressors (SMD)SMBJ Series


DescriptionRecommended Replacement
BL1200K0805AT1.2 GHz Balun, 0805 case size-


DescriptionRecommended Replacement