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RoHS Compliant   \\ Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

0201 G Series - General Purpose and High Voltage (NP0 Dielectric)

To determine part number in the below chart, replace *** with the voltage code and replace * with the tolerance code.


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Cap. (pF) Available Tolerance (Code) MAX
Voltage (Code)
7" Reel


0201G***N0R1*CTQuote0.1±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R2*CTQuote0.2±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R3*CTQuote0.3±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R4*CTQuote0.4±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R5*CTQuote0.5±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R6*CTQuote0.6±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R7*CTQuote0.7±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R8*CTQuote0.8±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N0R9*CTQuote0.9±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N1R0*CTQuote1.0±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N1R2*CTQuote1.2±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N1R5*CTQuote1.5±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N1R8*CTQuote1.8±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N2R0*CTQuote2.0±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N2R2*CTQuote2.2±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N2R7*CTQuote2.7±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N3R0*CTQuote3.0±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N3R3*CTQuote3.3±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N3R9*CTQuote3.9±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N4R0*CTQuote4.0±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N4R7*CTQuote4.7±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N5R0*CTQuote5.0±0.05pF (A), ±0.1pF (B), ±0.25pF (C) 50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N5R6*CTQuote5.6±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N6R0*CTQuote6.0±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N6R8*CTQuote6.8±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N7R0*CTQuote7.0±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N8R0*CTQuote8.0±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N8R2*CTQuote8.2±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N9R0*CTQuote9.0±0.25pF (C) , ± 0.50pF (D)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N100*CTQuote10±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N120*CTQuote12±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N150*CTQuote15±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N180*CTQuote18±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N220*CTQuote22±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N270*CTQuote27±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N330*CTQuote33±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N390*CTQuote39±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N470*CTQuote47±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N560*CTQuote56±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N680*CTQuote68±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N820*CTQuote82±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N101*CTQuote100±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
0201G***N121*CTQuote120±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)50V (500)15,000YES
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