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\\ Design Engineering and Production

Cost effective design and production to meet customers' requirements.

Frontier Electronics partners with our customers to design and manufacture solutions when standard products do not meet customers' requirements.

  • Redesigns are often requested to meet tighter tolerances, smaller footprints and/or cost reduction (integration of multiple discrete components into a single package for example).
  • Ground up designs are typically for new technology incorporation, i.e. hybrid transformers, IPC balun filters, migration of components from PME to BME when cost is an over-riding concern.
  • Redesigning obsolete components to conform to the latest manufacturing, materials, and performance standards.

Backed by over 30 years of engineering and design experience, we have become a leading designer for many major OEMs.

  • Specification development for new components
  • Quick turn prototypes
  • Redesigning of obsolete products to facilitate current manufacturing standards


Air Coils

Pick and Place-able

The air wound coil was one of Frontier Electronic's premier products. With the move into automated assembly lines our customers needed a coil that could be pick and placed while still allowing coil tuning after mounting. Frontier developed unique tape and reel processes which allow our air coils, both SMD and through hole, to be mounted by pick and place machines. However, unlike our competitors, there was no change to the base part (which allows for tuning after mounting). We can design pick and place-able coils to meet your size and electrical specification requirements.

Air Coils

Frontier 5SQ

High Q, Tunable Inductors

Highest Q in the Industry

There were standard (low) Q options available but the customer needed high Q for RF applications. Frontier designed and currently manufactures the 5SQ series (patented).

SMD Balun Transformers

Low Profile/High Frequency

RF Customer needed a lower profile (less than 2mm) balun transformer with low insertion loss and stability at 800MHz. Frontier designed the BIH2012OB series of transformers that exceeded the customer's needs (including lower insertion loss). Design to production in under one month.

SMD Balun Transformer

Value Add Services

Lead/ring/lug attach for through hole components are just one of the value add services that we offer.