• Frequency range from 428MHz to 5850MHz
  • Gain: -3.3dB to 3.0dB
  • Custom designs available
  • Tuning services available
  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)

Frontier's series of chip antennas are manufactured using the LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) process which allows for high performance in a small package. Tuning services are available. Contact us if a new design or alteration of a current design is needed.
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Freq. (MHz) Type Gain (dBi) VSWR Polarization L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) RoHS

AT0433A4716ATQuote428 ~ 437Fixed-3.33Linear1241.5YES
AT1575A3913ATQuote1550 ~ 1600Fixed32Linear103.20.8YES
AT1575A1306ATQuote1550 ~ 1600Fixed32Linear3.21.60.6YES
AT2450A1306ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear3.21.61.2YES
AT2450A1306BTQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear3.21.61.2YES
AT2450A1306CTQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear3.21.61.2YES
AT2450A1306DTQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22.1Linear3.21.60.6YES
AT2450A2008ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear5.221.1YES
AT2450A2008CTQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear5.221.1YES
AT2450C3014ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed0 ~ 22Linear7.63.51.1YES
AT2450A3104ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear810.8YES
AT2450E7512ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear1933.8YES
AT2450E7512BTQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear1933.8YES
AT2450D4015ATQuote2400 ~ 2550Fixed22Linear9.93.73.8YES
AT2450G4716ATQuote2400 ~ 2500Fixed22Linear1242YES
AT5375A1306ATQuote4900 ~ 5850Fixed2.82Linear3.21.60.6YES