Frontier Electronic Workers

About Frontier Electronics

Frontier Electronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of passive components including Magnetics (Inductors, Transformers, Coils), Diodes, MLCCs, and Integrated Passive Components (Antennas, Baluns, Filters, Diplexers).

  • Frontier Electronics' corporate headquarters and main warehouse is located in Simi Valley, California.

  • All Frontier Electronics facilities have ISO9001-2008 Certification

  • Classified by the US Dept. of Labor as a Disadvantaged Minority Women Business Enterprise

  • Design and Engineering centers are located in Simi Valley, California and Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Manufacturing centers are located in Simi Valley, California, Taiwan and China.

Frontier Electronics Success

Success Story: the 5SQ line

Our 5SQ line of High Q, Adjustable Inductors was developed from a customer's specific demand. The customer needed a small, adjustable coil with much higher Q than what other manufacturers were offering. Frontier designed and had prototypes to the customer within two months. We are currently engaged with the same customers, as well as others in developing the SMD 5SQ line.

Frontier Electronics Success

Success Stories: IPC design

A customer was in desperate need of a high gain 2.4GHz chip antenna with a low profile. With a typical gain of 2dB and an ultra low profile of 1.15mm, Frontier's AT2450A2008AT is an effective solution.

A large OEM was in need of a balun with extremely low IL in the 900-1500MHz band with a total 1.55GHz band width. We were able to design and supply samples within one month -- in a smaller package than the customer expected.

Quality Policy & Mission Statement

Frontier Electronics Corp. strives to be an industry leader through the objective implementation of innovative means which transform our customers’ requirements into high quality, cost-effective, superior electronic components, assemblies, and services. Our commitment is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, with the inclusion of legal or regulatory requirements, through continuous improvement of our processes, products and services, and quality management system via the active participation of our employees.